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Learn about this transformative movement in American post-war politics from someone who was there. Our local  Selma guide knows firsthand about the struggles for racial equality, and was with his father, Selma’s first black lawyer Atty. J L Chestnut, Jr. on March 7, 1965 known all over the world as “Bloody Sunday” Terry Chestnut was in the midst of that horrifying day!¿Your private tour will take in such landmarks as Brown Chapel AME Church, The George Washington Carver Homes, The First Baptist Church, The Jackson Home where Dr. King stayed when he came to Selma, The Boynton’s Home, and The Good Samaritan Hospital with more enroute with a profound presentation. You will leave Selma with memories lasting a lifetime! See you soon!

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Meet Terry Chestnut

“I was with my father (Atty. J. L. Chestnut) at the tender age of 6 on Bloody Sunday when Marchers were being attacked and beaten. It was a day and scene I will never forget!”

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